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Create 100% alkaline whole-food, plant-rich PLANTBAED™ recipes at home using the most healthful, most hydrating and nourishing ingredients possible. Our second hardcopy cookbook featuring a wide range of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, plus sauces and desserts. Delicious recipes that flood your body with nutrients

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Skip the processed foods and order for today or for the week: our freshly prepared, made-to-order meals for pickup or delivery. Now available in Smyrna & Marietta, Georgia — more locations coming soon!


100% plant-based, organic produce and clean oils. Offering a non-GMO, sustainable, and artisanal menu

Plantbaed Signature Meals

Plantbaed G Burger

Plantbaed's signature falafel patty is a fusion of classic American burgers with a Mediterranean and alkaline twist! Grilled fresh, cripsy garbanzo patty wedged between vegan brioche buttery bun.

Walnut Meat Tacos

Walnut Meat Tacos We created the perfect ground meat texture using perfeclty seasoned raw walnuts. Packed with healthy fat and protein and drizzled with our spicy, smoky, sun-dried hempseed, you'll never believe this dupe.

Fried Shroom' and Waffles

Crispy deep-fried oyster mushrooms stacked over spelt bread vanilla waffles, dusted with powdered agave.

"If Nature Didn't Make It, Don't Take It" Is Our Philosophy

We believe in combining deliciousness, wellness, organic, and high vibration of alkaline, vegan and vegetarian cuisines.

What Our Client's Say

Omggggggggggff, I sampled everything!!!!! AHHHHHHMAZING!!!! I can stick with this !!! It's so good!

Crystal Hayslett - Actress, Tyler Perry's Sistas

What Our Client's Say

I've had a lot of chefs over the last 20 years and I think you are one of the best!

Stephanie Long, Esq

What Our Client's Say

The fight is in the food and I can feel the difference Plantbaed is making in my body

AJ Nolton

What Our Client's Say

I couldn't believe that EVERYTHING was plant-based, the flavor is insane in every dish I've had

Ashley Lehman

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